11 Must Haves For New Nurses

11 Must Haves For New Nurses

Congratulations on becoming a new nurse! A career in nursing is both rewarding and demanding, and after graduating from nursing school, there are several essential things a new nurse needs to have to help your shifts run smoothly.

Different tools may be necessary depending on the department or specialty you work in as a nurse. Some of these are perfect to put on your wish list as gifts if friends or family are also looking to buy you a graduation present.

Here are the top must-haves to have in your starter kit as a new nurse to help you be prepared for any challenge you mean to counter.

Essentials For New Nurses

1. Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are essential for a nurse because you are on your feet for a significant amount of time, and without the right pair of shoes, that can become very painful. Shoes with padding and the proper support will help when you spend your days walking on the hard surfaces of medical facilities to protect and comfort your feet.

Whether you choose tennis shoes, running shoes, clogs, or orthopedic shoes, having an arch insert, a roomy and wide toe box, and a non-slip sole will be some of the key features to look for in a shoe. If your shoe is washable, that is even better. Check with your employer to ensure you aren't violating any dress codes.

Another tip is wearing scrub booties over your shoes to make cleaning more manageable when immersed in body fluids like urine or blood.

2. Compression Socks Will Save Your Feet And Legs

Compression socks are another valuable addition and inexpensive way for new nurses to help with:

  • Preventing swollen ankles
  • reducing pressure after spending long hours on your feet walking and standing
  • lowering your risk of varicose veins

3. Functional, Comfortable, High-Quality Scrubs

Some nurses work for medical facilities that supply scrubs for nurses; however, many hospitals and clinics do not. The first thing you need to do is find out if the medical facility you work at has a dress code and if there are any restrictions on what you can wear.

The fabric of your scrubs will make a considerable difference in comfort, and Lower-quality scrubs will often feel rough. Cotton blends are great for repetitive washing; however, you will want your scrubs to have more cotton than other materials. Pure cotton scrubs, however, are more likely to shrink, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

Whether you are shopping for nursing scrubs for women or men, scrubs come in various choices, including prints and colors, v-necks and other cuts, and how many pockets you feel you will need.

4. Notepad and Cheat Sheets

Nursing school requires a lot of memorization and learning about various counter-indications, algorithms, and protocols. The reality is sometimes, you may need a cheat sheet to help you remember the correct way to apply a treatment algorithm in a high-pressure, high-stress situation.

A notepad is also helpful for writing down things you learn or questions you have, especially in your first few months as a nurse. Even experienced nurses will still find reasons to write down notes in a pocket notebook. It is incredibly helpful and can easily fit into the scrub pockets.

5. Nursing Clipboard and Retractable Pens

While many clinics and hospitals may have a clipboard available for you, a nursing clipboard allows you to carry patient files while quickly accessing tools.

Retractable pens are one of those essential tools that every nurse loves to have because they easily clip onto your scrubs, and you don't have to worry about the cap. Higher-quality retractable pens write more smoothly and are more reliable.

6. Comfortable Watch With Second Hand

A watch is necessary as nurses often need to tell time, check heart rate, count respirations or operate a BVM. It's also helpful to track how much time you spend on a task because nurses are very busy, and good time management skills make all the difference in your day. Make sure you avoid wearing a big chunky watch, however, as it can be obtrusive.

7. Nursing Scissors

Medical scissors are not your ordinary scissors and are specifically made for cutting through bandages, gauze, tape, and more. A pair of sturdy nursing scissors can save you seconds in a critical life-saving procedure. You will also find them helpful for knots, tubing, and anything that gets in the way when caring for a patient.

8. Pen Light

Pen lights are helpful for many things, including:

  • Searching dark rooms
  • Assessing pupils
  • Illuminating wounds

9. Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are a vital tool that helps assess a patient's condition and may catch danger signs before the patient's condition worsens. Stethoscopes come in a wide range of options, from specialized ones to all-purpose ones, so choose the style that will suit your needs. While many hospitals provide nurses with stethoscopes, you may have the option of buying your own.

10. A Hemostat

A hemostat or arterial forceps are convenient tools that help nurses by clamping IV lines, tubing, and arteries, or you can use them to hold a needle while you suture a wound.

11. Essential Accessories

There are a few accessories and garment additions that are great to have as a new nurse, including:

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