About us

Blue Sky is a scrubwear lifestyle brand inspired by the relaxed vibes of austin, texas. Hand-made, ultra-comfy, athletic-inspired scrubwear is what we do and there is nothing we love more than uniting awesome medical professionals with awesome scrubs. After 20 years, we consider ourselves scrub-making pros but everyday, all day we are innovating and brainstorming about how we can make things even more awesome for our Blue Sky tribe. Click around to experience some serious scrub goodness.

About the creator

What Shelby started in 2004 with a collection of scrub hats has grown into an entire life devotion to make modern scrubs. Blue Sky Scrubs has always stood for luxury, creating worlds, and inviting people to take part in our dream. We are the innovators of modern scrubs that are designed exclusively for you. Fair trade + ethically made = Blue Sky awesomeness!

Scrubs for Scrubs

Right from the jump, Shelby and David knew that giving back would be an essential part of Blue Sky. In 2005, they launched project Blue Sky which later turned into Scrubs for Scrubs. Not only is Blue Sky 100% fair trade and authentically made, but there is nothing that makes us more giddy than supporting awesome medical professionals doing awesome things in underserved areas across the globe. Providing scrubwear to medical missions is something that has been woven into our business since that time...Look good...Feel good...Do good. It makes the world go 'round.