2 Scrub Pants That Every Tall Medical Professional Needs

2 Scrub Pants That Every Tall Medical Professional Needs

At Blue Sky, we know how hard nurses, doctors and other medical professionals work on a daily basis. We want to make sure you wear scrubs that provide you comfort when you work. But for many medical professionals, it can be difficult to find scrub pants the right size. That isn’t the case if you’re shopping with Blue Sky for your scrubs! Today we would like to introduce to you two unique types of scrub pants; the Tall Simple Scrub Pants and the Shelby Tall Scrub Pants.

Tall Shelby Pants

We call our Shelby Scrub pants a classic because they’ve been a part of the Blue Sky Scrubs collection since the very beginning, and they’re still popular with medical professionals today! When it comes to the tall version, we’ve made sure they still feel just as comfortable as the original. With the two sizable back pockets, they’ve also got plenty of space for carrying around your essentials. They have a super comfy, relaxed fit and white designer stitching that makes them look absolutely stunning. Try these tall classic scrub pants and you won’t be disappointed!

Tall Simple Pants

For a pair of scrub pants that goes great with just about any top, look no further than the Tall Simple Scrub Pants. When you’re looking for something solid and simple, without the added white designer stitching of the Shelby pants, these are a perfect option. They’ll stay in great condition after many washes, and did we mention that they’re wrinkle and fade resistant? These scrub pants come in four gorgeous colors to choose from; Slate Grey, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue Scrubs and Jet Black Scrubs.

We hope that this blog has been helpful when it comes to finding the right scrub pants to fit your needs. To see more of our amazing scrubs and accessories, be sure to visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.