3 Quick Tips to Searching for Shoes to Match Your Scrubs

3 Quick Tips to Searching for Shoes to Match Your Scrubs

As a medical professional, one of the most important parts of your outfit are your shoes. Since you likely spend countless hours on your feet, you need quality shoes that are both comfortable and offer good support. Gone are the days of aching muscles and bones- we’re here to give you the best tips for finding the best pair of shoes to go with your Blue Sky scrubs.

Durability and Longevity

Two of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your nursing shoes are durability and longevity. As you can probably imagine, the two go hand-in-hand. How durable the shoes are is going to affect how long they’re able to last. This means you’ll need to do your research; check reviews, ask for the store clerk’s opinion, do whatever you can to find a pair that will last you awhile.

Long-Lasting Support

Many body issues (like foot, knee, leg, and back problems) stem from a lack of support when walking, running, or performing other movements. The longer your body is pushed to move without adequate support, the more susceptible you could be to muscle aches and joint pains.

Finding the right support for your feet could be different than someone else’s “right” support- so keep that in mind when you begin your shoe search. It’s important to read others reviews but to also research the shoe itself to learn what measures were taken to ensure proper support for the consumer.

Styling Your Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve designed our scrubwear to look stylish with any pair of shoes. That’s right- just check out these classy Shelby scrubs in Royal Blue,Royal Blue, Jet Black to go with whichever shoes you find. Don’t stop there- check out our limitless scrub options at blueskyscrubs.com.