5 Essential Tips for Washing Medical Scrubs

5 Essential Tips for Washing Medical Scrubs

Blue Sky scrubs are certainly stitched to last shift after shift (...after shift). But taking the time to properly care for your medical scrubs is essential for lengthening their lifespan and well, generally maintaining their flawless appearance! So here you have it: a list of 5 simple things we can do to protect our favorite medical scrubs against the daily wear, tear, and “hospital cooties,” that they regularly endure.

  1. Always Follow Laundry Instructions

The best starting point is to read the labels attached to your scrubs. Do they need cold, or warm water? Are they bleach-safe? Most of our scrubs may be washed in cold water, and tumble-dried on the low setting- but you want to check, especially if you’re wearing a different brand.

2. Use a Hot Iron

It may seem like an old-school practice, or one that you simply don’t have the time for, but ironing your medical scrubs will keep them looking sharp and pristine- which will help you to look your best: sleek, professional, and stylish!

3. Wash Scrubs Separately

We hope that you’re already accustomed to separating laundry, but this practice is of the utmost importance for your scrubs. You wouldn’t want all of that “hospital-goo” mixing in with your regular laundry. Plus, this is far more efficient, as you can wash your entire week’s worth of uniforms in one load!

4. Keep a Stain-Stick Nearby

If you have a locker or purse, or if there’s space in your glove compartment, keep a stain-stick on hand for instances such as spilled coffee in transit in the morning, or lunch catastrophes.

5. Order Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

Order from us, and- on top of these practices, you’ll find yourself worrying less about the quality of your scrub uniforms, and enjoying more of the comfort and secure fitting of our line of medical scrubs. Our scrubs are both wrinkle and fade-resistant, and easy to launder.

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