5 Places to Wear Medical Scrubs

5 Places to Wear Medical Scrubs

It’s no secret that medical scrubs are versatile and a breeze to care for! This is why they’re so fitting (pun intended!) as work uniforms for hospitals, and other professions that demand a sterile environment.

To show just how functional scrubs can be, here are five places to where it’s appropriate to strut your scrubs:

(Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that if you are wearing scrubs in public, to keep them clean! Never wear the same scrubs you wore during your shift.)

  1. Home Sweet Home (On Sick Days)

This is especially true if your scrubs are as well-made as the Blue Sky brand. If you’re feeling under the weather, grab a box of Kleenex and your favorite scrubs- don’t even think about leaving the couch!

  1. Far, Far Away (On Vacation Days)

Whether you’re in transit to your vacation destination, or you’re unwinding in a hotel suite, comfortable medical scrubs make the perfect loungewear. After all- if you’re traveling for business, there will be plenty of opportunities to dress uncomfortably.

  1. The Great Outdoors

If you enjoy camping out in the wilderness, why not tote your scrubs along with you? Why risk ruining your street clothes (campfire sparks, burns, or grease stains) while you’re having a good time?

  1. Airplanes

When you’re jet lagged and desperate for a couple of hours of decent shuteye, every ounce of comfort is precious! Scrubs fit spaciously enough to be comfortable for long periods of time. They’re easy to pack, and easy to launder once you’re settled into your destination.

  1. Hard At Work

Most importantly- scrubs are perfect for the workplace. Blue Sky scrubs will help your shifts pass by more smoothly; feel fashionable, secure, and at ease while wearing our work uniforms.

To view our collection of stylish, impressive medical scrubs, be sure to check out our website- you’ll love what you find!