5 Tips for Students Heading into Nursing School

5 Tips for Students Heading into Nursing School

Are you starting  nursing school soon, and already feeling butterflies about the transition? Don’t worry. Today we have five excellent tips for you for heading into nursing school. We sure hope they help!

#1 Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is everything and soon, your job and studies are going to try to ruin it all for you. But don’t let it. Get on a regular sleeping schedule while you can, and do your absolute best to prioritize it throughout nursing school. Getting enough sleep will help you function during the day, as well as keep up your stamina.

#2 Get Enough Exercise and Nutrition

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, and are equally as important as sleep. Food is fuel and will keep your energy burning throughout your day. Exercise will help you decompress, keep your mind sharp, and has many other benefits that are too valuable to discount.

#3 Find an Awesome Study Group

Joining a study group will not only help your performance, but it’ll help you through all of the stressors of nursing school. You’ll find people who are experiencing the same troubles as you are, and you can help each other push through. Nobody needs to do this alone, after all!

#4 Choose the Right Shoes

You’re going to be on your feet a lot, so they’re going to need your support! Or rather, you’ll have to provide your feet with adequate support. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can lead to pain and discomfort in your feet, back, legs, and more- and you don’t need anything slowing you down.

#5 Dress Like an Expert in Blue Sky Scrubs

Finally, dress like a rockstar in  apparel from Blue Sky Co. We not only have a luxurious, professional line of medical scrub uniforms, but we also carry jackets and vests that would keep you warm and comfortable during classes. So dress for success in Blue Sky scrubs, and rock your way through nursing school!