7 Scrub Cap Patterns for Men

7 Scrub Cap Patterns for Men

Blue Sky Co. offers a wide variety of scrub cap patterns for both men and women, but today we’d like to focus on men’s scrub hats! Below, you’ll find seven scrub cap patterns that we absolutely love; we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Ceil Blue is perfect for just about any shade of blue scrubs, whether it be Navy or a lighter blue. It’s a classic color that we just can’t resist!

In our Secretariat Stripes pattern, you’ll find Eggshell White stripes that run against a Carolina Blue backdrop. We think it looks great with Ceil Blue scrubs.

Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness with Blue Sky’s Hope, Love, Courage, Healing scrub cap pattern! This pink scrub cap is great for October, or all year round!

Kickoff is great for any football fan, whether you’re buying for yourself or for your favorite coworker! This pattern features a Navy background with helmets in shades of green, black, cornflower, and teal!

Let’s switch over to baseball! Do you know any baseball fans? Amalfi Coast is perfect for them. Cream baseballs stitched tightly with scarlet thread decorate a dark Navy background.

Kempton Stripes is a classic pinstripe pattern that features various shades of blue and white. We just can’t help but love and adore this tried and true pattern!

Plaid Tidings is a traditional plaid pattern that we just love! It looks great with Navy scrubs! Its plaid pattern is made up of Kelly Green, Navy, Royal, and Scarlet- the perfect colors for plaid.

And there you have it friends: seven scrub cap patterns made just for you! If you’re interested in any other scrub hat pattern or shade, we’ve likely got it! Just log on today to our website and view our enormous collection of scrub hats- and other scrubwear, as well!