A Brief History of Blue Sky Co.

A Brief History of Blue Sky Co.

Have you ever wondered where exactly your beautiful Blue Sky scrubs came from? Where did all of this begin, where are the roots of this company? Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions! Below you’ll find a brief history of Blue Sky Co., and we hope you enjoy following along!

A Simple Scrub Cap

So it all began in Shelby’s living room, with a bunch of scrap fabric and determinism on Shelby’s part. From said scrap fabric, Shelby designed and created a scrub cap that would suit her perfectly, and the cap was soon requested by her coworkers and friends! Today we have the Poppy, Pixie, Pony, disposable, and men’s scrub caps!

Classic Shelby and David Scrubs

When it came to scrubwear, our Classic Shelby and David scrubs came first! They are each tailored to perfection, have a relaxed fit, and have plenty of pocket space with one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets. They’re available in several colors for women which makes personalizing your scrubwear easy, and in professional shades for men!

Exceptional Customer Service

Blue Sky Co. is also known for exceptional customer service! We try to make sure every process is simple and easy to go through, from your shopping experience to group orders and returns and exchanges. We want everything you go through here to be convenient! And we know that exceptional customer service is what raises up a company and pleases our customers!

If you’re interested in purchasing your very own Blue Sky scrubs today, head on over to our website and view the whole collection! From scrubs, to scrub caps, to lab coats and far more, we’ve got you covered and ready for work. And trust us- you’re going to look fabulous and professional! Enjoy your shopping experience!