A Few Reasons You Need This Classic Scrub Set

A Few Reasons You Need This Classic Scrub Set

Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we’ve spent years designing special scrub sets to suit the specific needs of every medical professional. But we’ve also had classic scrub sets that work for just about anyone. Today we’re going to revisit one of our favorite classics, and talk about why the Classic Shelby Scrubs may be perfect for you!

Maximum Comfort

The totally natural, relaxed fit of these scrubs is what makes them such a classic, and you’ll see what we mean as soon as you try them on. That’s because these scrubs are perfectly tailored in all the right places to fit just right, and they also have well-placed side slits to allow for easy movement! We know how busy you medical professionals are, and we wouldn’t want to slow you down! With the Shelby Scrub Top and the matching Shelby Scrub Pants, you’ll be ready for anything!

Carry What You Need

Your comfort is the most important aspect of your outfit, which the Shelby scrubs more than cover, as we addressed above. But another very important thing to think about with any scrub set is how much it’ll allow you to carry. With the Shelby Scrubs, you’ll get a sizeable chest pocket, as well as two large back pockets on the pants! And if that’s still not enough, pair the scrubs with one of our gorgeous lab coats! We guarantee that the Shelby goes great with a lab coat.

Plenty of Colors

Now once you know you’ll be comfortable and able to carry what you need, you probably want your outfit to look great too! You should look just as good in your scrubs as how good they make you feel. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of colors, so that you can find your perfect look!

So what are you waiting for? Come visit the Blue Sky website today and take a look at the Classic Shelby scrubs yourself, you won’t be disappointed!