A Few Ways To Keep Your Medical Scrubs Colorful

A Few Ways To Keep Your Medical Scrubs Colorful

As a medical professional, the look of your scrubs is important. If the color in your scrubs is starting to fade, you might be wondering what you can do. Unfortunately, this happens very often, especially when you don’t know the right methods to dry your scrubs properly. Today, we here at Blue Sky Scrubs have decided to share a list of helpful tips to avoid letting your clothes fade. If you follow these carefully, your medical scrubs will stay vibrant and colorful for a lot longer! It helps of course, if you start off with high quality scrubs.

Avoid Machine Dryers

The biggest enemy of colorful scrubs (and other clothes) is the machine dryer. To keep some color in your scrubs, try press drying them! You may not have used a hot iron in years (or ever!) but go ahead and give it a try! You’ll be pleased with how vibrant your scrubs will be, and they’ll be crisp, warm and wrinkle-free when you put them on.

Say No To Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners have their uses, but they can often cause bright clothes to fade in color. If you’ve been using fabric softeners to avoid static when removing your clothes from the dryer, try using static-relieving balls instead!

Give Line Drying A Try

Our last bit of advice for keeping medical scrubs colorful is to try line drying. As long as you can find the time it takes to hang up a clothesline near a window or out in the sun, line-drying will keep your scrubs looking great and feeling crisp and professional!

At Blue Sky Scrubs, we’re happy to provide advice for medical professionals to keep their outfits in great shape. We’re also here to provide you with modern, high quality scrubs and other medical apparel. Visit the Blue Sky Scrubs and be sure to browse our full collection for yourself.