A More Comfortable Sleeve For Your Scrubs: The Everly

A More Comfortable Sleeve For Your Scrubs: The Everly

You shouldn’t settle for scrubs that aren’t everything you need in a set of scrubs; comfortable, modern, and look great every time you put them on. If the scrubs you have now don’t meet your needs, it's time for something new in your wardrobe. Let’s talk about the perfect scrub top for you, the Everly ¾ Sleeve Scrub Top.

Everly ¾ Sleeve Top

If you’ve worn any other Blue Sky scrubs before, you already know that we make our scrubs with lightweight, comfortable fabric that feels great day after day, and lasts longer than other scrubs. Even though the Everly is different from any other scrubs here at Blue Sky, you should also know that it's still made with the same fantastic, super-comfy medleisure scrub fabrics, making it extremely soft, stretchy, flexible, everything you could ever want in a new scrub top!

Unique Fit of The Everly

While the Everly has the same great fabric as many other Blue Sky Scrubs, there are some unique differences. Let’s start with the sleeve length, which is 3/4ths of our other scrub tops. Many people find that at work their arms are too restricted by their sleeves, so they have to roll their sleeves up, which can quickly become irritating. But without any sleeves, you might get cold at work, especially if you’re working in a medical facility. That’s why we’ve designed the Everly with ¾ length sleeves! This allows you to stay warm without restricting your arms or wrists at all! We know for a fact that once you try on the Everly, you won’t want to take it off. That’s thanks to the super comfy and stretchy design of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. We know you’ll want to wear this amazing scrub top every day. So what are you waiting for? Come check it out today by visiting the Blue Sky website.