Active Wear Meets Scrubwear: Technical Scrubs

Active Wear Meets Scrubwear: Technical Scrubs

Are you searching for a pair of medical scrubs that are so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them after work? Well, look no further. We’re introducing our line of Technical Scrubs, and you’ll definitely want to know all about them. So without further ado, here is everything you must know about our impressive line of technical scrubs:

All About Technical Tops

Our Technical tops were made to fit you absolutely flawlessly. This style has never before been seen in scrubwear! Technical scrubs’ fabrics are supremely soft, wickable (meaning, they repel moisture), wrinkle-resistant, and have four way stretch for ultimate mobility. That’s just in the fabrics; we haven’t had a chance to brag about their fit, yet! Technical scrubs fit relaxed, and are stretchy and extremely soft. You’ll simply fall in love with these scrubs right away… and maybe you won’t want to take them off after work! But hey- who says you need to?

All About Technical Pants

If you liked what you read about Technical tops, you’re bound to like their counterpart: Technical pants. Talk about mobility! These pants are made out of the most lightweight fabric, you’ll barely feel them throughout your shift. They’re soft, stretchy, and have a straight leg for ultimate style and professionalism. Like Technical tops, these pants also have wickable fabric and four way stretch! Pair them together and you won’t believe how comfortable you are- in your work uniform.

So, do you like what you’ve read? Visit our website today and order your very own pair of technical scrubs- that we know you’ll instantly fall in love with! Who can resist their soft and stretchy fabrics? We sure can’t! We would brag about them all day long if we could- but we have other topics to cover! View Blue Sky Co.’s entire collection on our website today.