All About Our Baselayers for Women

All About Our Baselayers for Women

Are you tired of feeling chilly in those hospital hallways? Or maybe on your way into work in the cooler months? Here at Blue Sky Co., we completely understand the struggle it can be to keep warm in hospital or laboratory settings! That’s why we offer the softest, most comfortable baselayers! Check out these perfect baselayers for women. You’ll love what you find.

Aston Stretch Polo

Let’s start with the basics! Blue Sky’s Aston Stretch Polo is a statement piece, but also a staple for anyone’s wardrobe! It’s soft, made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex pique knit. And it’s also stretchy! This polo can be worn with your scrub pants while you’re at work, or even when you’re lounging around on the weekends. Yes, friends, it’s that comfortable!

Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee

Next, we have our Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee! Not only does it look great with your scrub pants (whichever style you choose; it works with all of them!), but it also works well with your running shorts! You’ll love this stylish tee, and of course, the hood is always a bonus. It’s also moisture wicking and antimicrobial! We love a tee that comes with perks, and you will, too! Pair with a scrub hat

Windsor Long Sleeve Tee

Finally, we have the Windsor Long Sleeve Tee. It’s bound to keep you warm. It’s perfect for cozying up and layering with your scrubs! The crew neck style is perfect and will look great on you! And if we’re talking fabrics, then let’s get real: this long sleeve tee is soft. It’s made out of a lightweight jersey blend of cotton and spandex! Perfect!

So now you know. If you’re searching for the perfect baselayer, then we believe you’ve found it  right here at Blue Sky Co. Log online today to view our baselayers, and of course, the rest of our medical scrubs and accessories