All About Our Grey Label Scrubs

All About Our Grey Label Scrubs

If you’ve yet to try out our line of medical attire, you’re missing out, friends! Medical scrubs and scrub accessories from Blue Sky Co. are definitely something to brag about! They’re made from the softest fabrics found around the world, and are definitely meant to last. Wrinkle and fade-resistant, all of our scrubs are meant to help you look professional at the job you love doing most. So let’s dive into a summer of Grey Label scrubs, and you can tell us how you feel about them!

Blue Sky Co.’s Grey Label Scrubs

Beyond being wrinkle and fade-resistant as we mentioned earlier, these scrubs were designed to keep you cool all summer long- which is exactly what you need. They’re made with lightweight, breathable fabrics that provide the flexibility you need to turn those tight corners in hospital hallways. These scrubs are also tailored with a slim fit, and a perfect, sleek finish. Their size is true, as they won’t shrink, and they’re made of an impeccable blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton!

You’ll stay cool, comfy, and most importantly- you’ll look professional.

Colors to Keep You Cool this Summer

Let’s talk cool shades for summertime! Our medical scrubs are available in a wide variety of colors; we should be able to accommodate even the most picky of tastes. But let’s glance at a few great looks for the season. Check out our Grey Label scrub tops in Blue Mist, a color that reflects the summertime sky! Galaxy Blueis a shade that will make you want to dive right into a cool, refreshing pool. And of course, we have our Charcoal Greyscrubs that suit anyone, in any environment!

This summer, check out our Grey Label scrubs and stay cool, be impressed, and fall in love with the entire collection!