An Exclusive Look at Men's Scrubs and Scrub Cap Patterns-Blue Sky Scrubs

An Exclusive Look at Men's Scrubs and Scrub Cap Patterns-Blue Sky Scrubs

Men out there, have you heard about our collection of scrubs and scrub caps that we have waiting for you? We’re certain you’ll fall in love with the style, fit, and luxuriously soft fabrics in these scrubs- and even more so in our festive patterns for men’s scrub caps! Take a look down below to find out more, and hopefully you’ll find a favorite among our collection in no time!

David Relaxed Scrubs

Blue Sky Co.’s David scrubs are tailored with a modern, crisp, and simple design. The chest of these scrubs fits relaxed for ultimate comfort, and the top tapers down toward the bottom for a professional, stylish look. These scrubs are available in sleek, professional colors like Ceil Blue, Navy Blue, and Jet Black. Trust us when we say that once you go Blue Sky Co…. there’s no turning back!

Scrub Cap Patterns

In need of a vacation? Try on our Bon Voyage scrub cap! This nautical themed scrub cap is perfect for dreaming your way off to the sea! Whether you own a boat or simply love spending time on the water, this cap is perfect for you.

Hall of Fame is the perfect cap for the baseball lover. This cap is covered in baseballs and looks great with a set of Ceil Blue David scrubs.

You guessed it- this Alexander Plaid cap is, well, perfectly plaid, with colors like Kelly Green, Navy and Royal Blue, and Scarlet.

Patterns for the Season

Looking to show off your spooky side? Try these scrub caps:

Spooky Sunrise features a bright orange background with creepy crawly spiders all around.

Show off your festive side in the OR with this Spooky Clothesline cap! Featuring pieces of a spooky costume all hanging on a clothesline, this cap is perfect for the season.

Westchester Webs is our last cap that we’ll show off; it features a deep pink background with spider webs decorating the cap. It looks great with a pair of Jet Black scrubs! Visit our store a2 2209 Donley Austin, Texas 78758!