Baselayers for Women: We've Got the Details

Baselayers for Women: We've Got the Details

When it comes to keeping warm at work during the cooler months, we know all about it. You have to layer your clothing, otherwise the wind and weather will go right through your scrubs! So where shall we start with all of this layering business? How about with a baselayer from Blue Sky Co.? We’re going to introduce you to our collection of baselayers for women! Just sit back and relax.

Aston Stretch Polos

It’s a stable for any wardrobe. This polo, underneath your scrubs, will give help keep you warm in all of those chilly corners of the hospital! It’s available in two color options, making it easy to pair with other sets of scrubs. So let’s ask the question: will you go with black, or white?

Windsor Long Sleeve Tee

For extra warmth (hello, sleeves), we suggest the Windsor Long Sleeve Tee. It’s super versatile and ideal for comfortable and cozy layering. If you’re in a pinch, you can roll those sleeves up! But you’ll be thankful for them in the long run, of course. Just remember: you can always take off a layer once you get to work; you can’t add a layer!

Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee

Last but certainly not least is the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee. We know its hood is an added bonus, especially for warmth and comfort! What about a misty morning? What about a crisp morning? You’ll be ready to go in no time, all layered up with your Tyler tee.

If you’re interested in layering your scrub outfit (you know it’s the best way) simply visit our website for more layerable scrub attire! You’ll find lab coats, scarves, jackets, and even vests. We have everything you need to stay warm in and out of work!