Best Scrub Brands And Color: Scrub Pants For Women And Surgical Green Scrubs

Best Scrub Brands And Color: Scrub Pants For Women And Surgical Green Scrubs

The best scrub pants for women are functional, comfortable, flattering, and suit all the needs of working as a medical professional. Nurses spend a tremendous amount of time in their uniforms, whether working in a pediatric, surgical, ER unit, etc., so finding scrubs you love is essential.

You may need to try on several styles, brands, and cuts before you find perfectly fitting scrubs for you. As a medical professional, you want to find scrub pants with the essential features we will discuss below, and we will tell you how to choose the best women's scrub bottoms.

Essential Features Of The Best Scrub Pants Brands For Women

Medical professionals spend countless hours in their uniforms and deserve to have the perfect scrub combination. Scrub tops and bottoms can be expensive, so it is essential to ensure you are getting the best scrubs for your money.

While higher-quality scrubs may cost more than some cheaper ones, they are worth it. It is also important to find the balance between comfort, durability, and cost.

Find the best women's scrub pants that suit your body type and comfort level. Remember that you will be wearing your scrub pants for 12 or more hours and as you try on different brands, consider the following features.

  • Fit: Make sure you get your measurements to ensure a great fit. Take your body measurement in three different areas- your waist, hips, and inseam, and consider how long your scrubs pants should be. Make sure to compare your measurements to each brand's size chart as sizes vary from brand to brand.
  • Fabric: Scrub pants are made with various materials, and not all fabrics are created equally. Most women's scrub pants contain different percentages of blended fibers, including cotton, polyester, spandex, and rayon. There are also other weaves and finishes depending upon the brand you choose.
  • Color: Women's scrubs come in every shade of the rainbow. If your hospital or medical facility has a dress code, then you could only choose specific colors. Blue and green scrubs are best for the surgical unit as those colors help to relieve eye strain and hide stains well.
  • Style: Try different styles to get a feel for which is most comfortable for you. The four main styles include the missy fit, junior fit, unisex fit, or athletic type. The best scrub pants for women are usually ones designed to fit a woman's body style.
  • Durability: Nurses wash their scrubs often, and the more durable your scrub sets are, the longer they will last and save you money.
  • Quality: Higher-quality scrub sets will last longer and are made of better fabric which makes them much softer.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the key to happiness when finding the best women's scrub pants.
  • Breathability: Nurses wear their scrubs for long hours, and the more breathable your scrub pants are, the more comfortable you will be.
  • Features: Depending on the design, scrub pants come with many optional features, including pockets, drawstring or elastic waists, antimicrobial fabric, mesh vents for breathability, etc.
  • Affordability: Choose the best quality scrubs that you can afford.

Now that you know what to look for to find the best-fitting scrub pants let’s talk about why green scrubs for women are an excellent choice.

Why Choose Green Scrubs?

During the early 20th century, surgeons discovered that the white scrubs were negatively impacting their eyes because they were suffering from headaches and temporary blindness as they would shift their gaze from the dark color of blood to the white scrubs of the surgical team. When a prominent doctor began wearing green scrubs in the surgical room in 1914, green scrub sets became the popular choice to wear during surgery.

Green is also the exact opposite of red on the color wheel, making it the perfect color for scrubs in the surgical room, helping to improve the surgeon's visual acuity, and making their eyes more sensitive to different shades of red.

Green scrubs also hide stains better; the green color represents well-being, healing, and tranquility. The best part is that they do not cause eyestrain, and surgeons prefer green scrubs when they have to perform surgery, making it an excellent choice for nurses.

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