Beyond Scrub Hats: Lanyards and Other Accessories from Blue Sky Co.

Beyond Scrub Hats: Lanyards and Other Accessories from Blue Sky Co.

In the medical industry, when you go into work, you’re not just wearing scrubs! You often wear accessories like scrub caps, lanyards, or a lab coat- and you want them all to fit and match perfectly. Well, we’re here to tell you that this is entirely possible with Blue Sky Co.! In a world

where medical scrubs can become mundane, we like to bring flair and vibrancy to our work uniforms.

Poppy, Pixie, and Pony Scrub Caps

Scrub caps from Blue Sky Co. have been designed with you in mind since the very beginning. When our creator, Shelby, decided that she needed a scrub cap that was customized to suit her needs, she began designing them in her own living room! Now, we have three types: the poppy, perfect for any hair style, the pony, great for ponytail wearers, and the pixie, which fits flawlessly over short hair.

Lanyards and Matching Earrings

What better way to spruce up your scrub uniform than with a beautiful, sparkling lanyard? And if you wish, each lanyard has a corresponding pair of matching earrings! How’s that for accessorizing?

Personalize your scrub outfit! Try out this “Peppermint,” lanyard with its matching set of earrings, or this gorgeous lanyard, which would look fabulous paired with our Classic Shelby scrubs in Aquamarine, or Calypso blue.

Vests and Jackets

Whether you’re trying to stay warm outside or inside the hospital, we’ve got you covered! Our softshell vests and jackets are cozy and comfortable, and come in professional colors that should correspond with your dress code. Like our medical scrubs, they’re as soft as ever, and offer you plenty of space for your gadgets with extra utility pockets. They’re also flexible and breathable, so you can move around easily and stay comfortable all throughout your shift!

Eager to accessorize? View our entire collection online today!