Blue Sky Scrubs Classics For Tall Medical Professionals

Blue Sky Scrubs Classics For Tall Medical Professionals

One of the most important things for any medical professional to have before heading off to work is a comfortable set of scrubs. For some of us, it can be difficult to find scrub pants in the right size. But here at Blue Sky Scrubs, our dedication to you has prompted us to make special scrub pants specifically for the taller scrub wearers out there. Today we’re going to look at two types of classic scrub pants; the Shelby Tall pants and the Tall Simple scrub pants.

Tall Classic Shelby and Simple Scrub Pants

First off, we have the Tall Shelby pants. These comfortable, professional scrub pants have everything that customers love about our classic shelby scrub pants, but they’re tall enough to fit you perfectly! They have plenty of pocket space with two large back pockets, and they come in four different beautiful colors; Slate Grey, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue and Jet Black. They also have a comfortable, relaxed fit, and don’t forget about our white designer stitching! These Tall Classic scrub pants won't let you down.

Next up, for a more simple and refined look in your scrubs, we have the Tall Simple Scrub Pants. They have similar features as the Shelby scrub pants, but they don’t have our white designer stitching. So if you’re looking for something more solid and simple, these are the perfect scrub pants for you! They’ll stay in great condition after many washes, and did we mention that they’re wrinkle and fade-resistant? How great is that! These scrub pants also have the same four color options; Slate Grey, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue and Jet Black. We know you’ll absolutely fall in love with either of these tall, classic scrub pant choices.

We hope that for those of you looking for taller scrub pants, this blog has been helpful in pointing you the right direction. To see the scrub outfits mentioned here, and more of our fabulous scrubs collection, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.