Blue Sky Scrubs - Medical Scrubs Do's and Dont's

Blue Sky Scrubs - Medical Scrubs Do's and Dont's

Whether it’s required or by choice, most healthcare professionals wear scrubs at work. Not only do they identify you as a healthcare worker, but they also keep you safe and protected from hazards you may encounter in your job. You may love or hate them, but they are essential, so it’s important to know how to wear them correctly.

Whether you’re already in the healthcare industry or just starting, you should know what is and isn’t appropriate when wearing medical scrubs. And while each medical facility may have its own set of rules to follow, here is a list of some guidelines you should follow to keep looking professional.

DO - Keep Them Clean

Approximately 1 in 25 hospital patients are diagnosed with an infection related to their hospital care every year. Statistics like that are why most people see healthcare facilities as very germy places. Pairing that with employees running around in dirty scrubs only amplifies those thoughts.

You should always keep your scrubs clean, and when they begin to show wear, replace them. If your scrubs have holes or tears, you should discard them. Accidents do happen on the job, so make sure that any stains are taken care of quickly to keep the stain from setting.

DO - Make Sure to Properly Sanitized Them

You are responsible for ensuring that your scrubs are washed and sanitized properly. As soon as you arrive home, you should place your scrubs in a basket separate from your regular clothes. Next, you should clean them using hot water and a disinfectant solution, which will destroy most germs. If you are wearing white scrubs, you can also use chlorine bleach to sanitize them further.

DO - Have an Extra Set at Work

Typically, having an extra pair of scrubs in your workplace is required. You should always change before you go into public to avoid transmitting germs outside of the hospital. You should also change your scrubs before going into an operating room or the room of an immunocompromised patient.

DO - Make Sure They Fit Properly

You should always make sure that your scrubs fit you properly. Wearing scrubs that are too tight or too baggy can send the wrong message to patients, colleagues, and hospital management. When possible, you should try scrubs on before purchasing them. Scrubs are available that stretch if you are looking for a relaxed but professional fit.

DO - Wear Comfortable Shoes

You’ll be on your feet for most of the day, so you should lean towards comfort over fashion. You should choose sturdy shoes with arch support.

DON’T - Wear Colored or Printed Undergarments with White Scrubs

Whether you are required to wear white scrubs, or you choose to wear white scrubs for a crisp, clean look, keep in mind what you are wearing underneath them. Choose undergarments that match your skin color instead of bold colors or patterns to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation.

DON’T - Wear Revealing Scrubs

Some scrub tops may be somewhat revealing when you bend over. Make sure that your scrub top fits properly and doesn’t have a plunging v-neck. If you choose to wear a loose-fitting scrub top, wear a layer underneath. This goes for men as well as women, as chest hair peeking out from underneath a scrub shirt is also frowned upon.

DON’T - Buy Cheap Scrubs

Scrubs create a barrier between medical personnel and their patients and protect both from transmitting disease. For this reason, you should make sure that you purchase high-quality scrubs. Along with the protection they provide, most high-quality scrubs are made from moisture-wicking fabric, which can help keep you more comfortable during the day.

DON’T - Wear Scrubs in Public

Wearing your scrubs in public can not only transmit germs but can also contaminate the workplace. Therefore, you should change into your scrubs after getting to work, and if you need to leave the facility, you should first change into your regular clothes.

DON’T - Wear too Many Accessories

Keep it simple when you are wearing your scrubs. When you choose accessories, a watch or a small bracelet are acceptable, as are simple stud earrings. However, wearing dangle earrings or too many accessories can become a distraction or can even get stuck on medical equipment.

Get Quality Medical Scrubs from the Scrubwear Experts

When you are a healthcare worker, how you present yourself to patients matters. They will trust you more and have more confidence in you if you walk into the room looking neat and well-dressed. That’s why it’s essential to understand how to wear your medical scrubs correctly.

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