Blue Sky Scrubs: Where it All Began

Blue Sky Scrubs: Where it All Began

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new set of medical scrubs? Working in the medical industry, you’re bound to go through your fair share of scrubs each year- your shifts are not for the faint at heart. If you’re looking for a fresh wardrobe of fashionable, durable medical scrubs, look no further- Blue Sky Co. has exactly what you need!

Where it All Began…

To think that Blue Sky Co. began in an ordinary living room, with a simple scrub cap! Shelby (Blue Sky’s creator) began designing scrub hats on her own, using scraps of fabric she’d collected over time. After much cutting, measuring, and altering, Shelby produced her version of the perfect cap- now known as the Pony scrub hat! The scrub cap gained popularity among her peers, so much so that she eventually began devoting her weekends to sewing!

Shelby’s hard work and devotion soon led to larger projects: trendy, fashionable medical scrubs for men and women alike.

Blue Sky Co.’s Revolutionary Medical Scrubs for Men & Women

Our scrubs feature a classic fit, and lightweight, fade-resistant fabric that stretches just enough to provide you flexibility as you move throughout your shift. With durable stitching, spacious pockets, and plenty of options to choose from regarding both fit and style, what more could we want out of our medical uniform?

Don’t worry… if you think something might be missing, Blue Sky provides the option to customize your scrubs, so that they fit just right. You can customize the style, pattern, inseam length, stitching, and more!

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Treat yourself to a pair of sleek, modern, stylish medical scrubs from Blue Sky Co. After all of those long, strenuous hours at the hospital, you know you deserve it.