Blue Sky Scrubs: Why Does Color Matter?

Blue Sky Scrubs: Why Does Color Matter?

Gone are the days of white gowns and paper drapes. Today, our medical scrubs are stylish: we can choose from a wide variety of colors and prints, and can customize them until they fit us perfectly. Basically, we could create a rainbow with our medical scrubs, and we could wear that rainbow to work. Who knows? The patients might like that!

Below, we’ll take a look at the impact colored scrubs may have on a hospital’s patients, visitors, and medical personnel. Then we’ll glance at a system some hospitals utilize to more clearly define department boundaries. Does this system work more efficiently for everyone involved? We’ll see!

Why Color Matters

These days, blue sky medical scrubs can be worn by just about anyone in the hospital, even the professionals who work at the front desks. From a patient’s perspective this can cause some confusion. For example, if the patient is searching for a nurse or specific type of doctor, they’re searching in a sea of multicolored scrubs! At the very least, their search becomes more time-consuming… and the medical industry isn’t exactly the place for wasted time.

Introducing Color-Coded Scrubs

Some hospitals implement a color-coding system for their scrub uniforms. The system divides each department into specific colors. Nurses wear baby blue, for example. Doctors’ scrub colors depend on their appropriate departments. The hope is that patients will more easily find their doctors, but it tends to benefit everyone who navigates the halls.

Blue Sky Co. has been making medical scrubs that can easily be described as professional and polished. And yes- they’re available in a rainbow of colors and cutesy patterns. Regardless of your hospital’s dress code, we think our vibrant medical scrubs will put a smile on your patient’s face!