Blue Sky's Vibrant Scrub Colors- Designed in Austin Texas

Blue Sky's Vibrant Scrub Colors- Designed in Austin Texas

Blue Sky Co. is recognized for its luxurious, stylish scrub uniforms! We go above and beyond to deliver the perfect set of scrubs to you, through customization, and through creating an all around great product! Below, you’ll find seven brilliant shades for your scrub uniform. So sit back and enjoy all of the pretty scrub colors!

Ceil Blue

Ceil Blue is a soothing shade of blue that is a standard among many hospitals. But it’s also a beautiful color! Sport a pair of Classic Shelby scrubs in ceil blue and you’ll look lovely.

Chloe Jade

They say that jade represents good luck. Well, find your lucky scrubs at Blue Sky Co! Our Chloe Jade Shelby scrubs are perfect for you- and your patients will adore them, too!


This blue hue, Caribbean, looks brilliant against our white designer stitching, and we’re certain you’ll love it. If you’re looking for a shade darker than Ceil Blue, but not too dark, this is where it’s at.

Crimson Wine

Our Crimson Winescrubs are a beautiful blend of maroon and burgundy. They look great with a matching scrub top, or with a white scrub cap (to match the white designer stitching).


Love purple? So do we! Eggplant is certainly a statement color; it stands out among the blues, and gives off a comforting, relaxing vibe.

French Lilac

You’ve heard that lavender has calming effects; we believe these French Lilac scrubs have those effects, too! These beautiful scrubs are the perfect shade of purple.

Seraphina Strawberry

Here’s a great way to stand out! Seraphina Strawberry is the perfect color for you! It’s bright, vibrant, and we love it! Especially in October, when we’re showing our support for Breast Cancer with pink scrubs.

And there you have it, folks! We hope you’ve found your favorite among these. Visit our website for more colors from Blue Sky Co.!