Brand New Halloween Compression Scrubs Socks From Blue Sky Scrubs

Brand New Halloween Compression Scrubs Socks From Blue Sky Scrubs

If you enjoy adding accessories to your scrub outfit in fun and unique ways, you’ve probably already been thinking about what you can add to your wardrobe for halloween, which is just around the corner! We’ve got just the thing. Here at Blue Sky, we do everything we can to keep hard-working medical professionals like yourself comfortable, and we want you to have fun with your outfit at the same time! So now we have a pair of compression socks designed for your favorite spooky holiday; introducing the Ghouls Night Compression Scrub Socks.

Ghouls Night Socks

If your feet, ankles or calves feel sore and worn out after each shift, our compression socks are perfect for you! These super soft compression socks help you breeze through your shift without that irritating foot pain. Most compression socks can be a struggle to put on, but we design ours to be simple to slip on and off, but they still hold nice and snug around your feet!

The new Ghouls Night Compression Scrub Socks have that same fit and super soft fabric as all our other compression socks, but with a new festive design! The all white canvas is decorated with skulls, black witch hats, tiny bats, golden pumpkins and aquamarine spider webs. Pair these with our Pewter Scrubs and a black nurses’ jacket for a wicked fun look!

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Our compression socks are a fun way to help keep you comfortable and add a pop of color and style to your outfit, and we’ve got plenty of different colors and patterns in our compression socks! But we also have other great accessories like colorful face masks, trucker hats, and cozy scarves! Come to the Blue Sky website today and we’ll help you complete the scrub outfit of your dreams, including your favorite accessories!