Care Tips To Make Your Scrub Coats Last Longer

Care Tips To Make Your Scrub Coats Last Longer

When you buy a nice lab coat, you want it to last. Lab coats can make a great extra layer on any scrub outfit, and make your outfit look more stylish and professional too! But even the most high quality lab coats can’t handle being treated poorly or washed poorly, and you can end up with stains, tears or shrinkage that make you want to get rid of the coat. But with the right maintenance, you can wear your favorite lab coat to work day after day without any issues. Here’s our advice for taking proper care of your lab coats.

Read Care Instructions

This seems obvious, right? And yet lots of people just throw their clothes in the washer without looking at the care instructions on the tag or on the manufacturer’s website. You’ve probably done this yourself at some point without thinking about it. But if you wash or dry your lab coat on the wrong setting even just once or twice, it could cause fading or shrinkage.

Avoid Fabric Softener

Using fabric softener may make your clothes smell fresh and clean, but it can be bad for the fabric of your lab coat in the long run. Fabric softeners make the fabric less absorbent, which will make your lab coat harder to clean over time.

Treat Stains Quick

Just try wearing a lab coat to work almost every shift without spilling anything on it, it's practically impossible! But it is possible to be prepared and take care of these spills and stains as soon as they happen. Whether it's coffee stains, blood stains or anything else, it's helpful to keep a stain stick handy. If you don’t have one, you can just try to wash your lab coat as soon as it gets stained.

Start With a Great Coat

Our last piece of advice is to start with a high-quality, professional lab coat that will last longer than most. Come check out the Bradford and Preston lab coats by visiting the Blue Sky Scrubs website. We hope these tips have been helpful when it comes to keeping your favorite lab coat in great condition.