Caring For Hardworking Feet: Find the Right Nursing Shoe

Caring For Hardworking Feet: Find the Right Nursing Shoe

If you’ve ever stood on your feet for hours upon hours during a shift, you know how important it is to wear the right shoes! Not only do the right shoes increase comfort, but they also adequately support your body and prevent pain in your feet, legs, knees, and back! So real quickly, let’s review what we need out of our nursing shoes!


Comfort is always a great place to start when you’re scoping out a new pair of nursing shoes. Remember, how your shoes fit in the store is how they’re going to fit- forever, so make sure they’re comfortable when you’re trying them on. Resist the urge to “break in,” the shoe! Once you’ve found a shoe that helps you put a pep in your step, you know you’ve got the one!


Next, comes style. You’re going to want to actually like and enjoy your nursing shoes! You’re going to want to look forward to wearing them to work every day. So find a pair of shoes that really suits your fancy, and shows off your individual style. With enough searching, you’re bound to find that perfect shoe. And your medical work wardrobe will be thanking you!

Grip and Traction

You turn a lot of corners at a brisk pace. Sometimes, you may even be at a light jog through those hospital hallways. Let’s face it; you’ve got places to be, and your shoes need to help you get there safely. That’s where traction and grip come into play! Try out runners’ shoes. They’re known for having excellent traction, support, grip, and even style. They’re kind of the whole package, and popular among doctors and nurses.

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