Choosing Blue Sky Over Other Brands

Choosing Blue Sky Over Other Brands

At Blue Sky Co., we’re proud of the products we put out on the market, and the work that went into creating them. We don’t mean to brag! It’s just the truth. Our medical scrubwear and scrub accessories exceed expectations and fit to the T. So, without bragging too much, here are three reasons as to why you’d love to choose Blue Sky Co. over other brands of medical scrubwear!

Plenty of Pocket Space

Do you carry a lot of personal items with you from day to day? Perhaps things like a notepad, pen, cellphone, or even jewelry take up space in your scrub pockets. But don’t worry, Blue Sky scrubs have plenty of pocket space! We even have Cargo scrubs that offer up to thirteen pockets when worn as a set! We don’t know about you, but that’s more pocket space than we ever anticipated!

Medleisure Fabric

Aren’t you tired of medical scrubs that are scratchy and generally uncomfortable? So are we! That’s why we’ve essentially combined athletic wear and scrubwear! We call this Medleisure fabric and we know you’ll love it. You can find it in our new scrub leggings, or tunic tops! You’ve never met scrubs this comfortable before.

In actuality, we could make this list a lot longer, but we only have so much time! But here are three basic benefits to get your foot in the door of Blue Sky Co.! Come and take a gander at what all we have to offer; we could revolutionize your medical wardrobe with just a few simple changes! Go ahead, log online today!