Classic, Luxurious Medical Scrubs For Just $10

Classic, Luxurious Medical Scrubs For Just $10

Medical professionals deserve only the best in their scrubs, since having the right medical apparel is so important to what you do. But you shouldn’t have to spend a lot to have high quality scrubs! In fact, we’re having a sale on some of our finest scrub tops and pants for only $10!

Original Grey Label Shelby Top

For a limited time, our Original Grey Label Scrub Top for women is on sale for just 10 dollars. The original style of this scrub top showcases our signature white designer stitching, tailored with a flattering slim, modern fit. This top has one sizable chest pocket with gorgeous white designer stitching, side slits at the hips that allow for easy movement throughout your day, and it’s wrinkle and fade resistant! And for your unique sense of style, this scrub top is available in nine different colors.

Complete Your Outfit

The Grey Label Original Scrub Top is a treasure in its own right, but for just another $10, you can complete your scrub outfit with the perfect set of pants to match. Also sporting the original Grey Label design, these pants have white designer stitching, matching striped drawstrings, and a super slim low-rise European cut. Just like the top, these scrub pants are wrinkle and fade resistant, which means they’ll do great even after several trips through the washer and dryer. Match your Grey Label top perfectly with these pants, since they also come with the same nine stylish colors.

More $10 Scrubs!

The Grey Label Original set is just one of the women’s options we have available for a limited $10 sale, but we’ve also got other scrub sets available for women and men, and even polos on sale for men! Visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website to see our other $10 scrub sales and lots more!