Classic Scrubs: Where it All Began

Classic Scrubs: Where it All Began

Do you ever wonder where Blue Sky Co. grew its roots? Well, it started off pretty simply. Our creator, Shelby, began sewing scrub caps out of scrap fabric she found at home. Soon after, she was making them for friends and coworkers. Soon after came the Classic Shelby and David scrubs. Let’s take a look at each of these items!

Classic Shelby Scrubs for Women

For women, we have our Classic Shelby scrubs available in many different, vibrant, beautiful colors! Like our David scrubs and other types of medical wear, they’re wrinkle and fade-resistant, and are made of the softest fabrics we could find! They’re made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton! Unshrinkable!

Classic David Scrubs for Men

Fellas, we have Classic David scrubs for you! They fit in all the right places, are durable- they’ll last through many a shift, and they look stunningly professional! They’re available in shades such as slate grey, navy blue, and black. They’re wrinkle and fade-resistant, and won’t shrink! Could we ask for anything better?

Solid and Patterned Scrub Caps

So it all began with a simple scrub cap. Doesn’t that make you want to upgrade your wardrobe? We have three types of scrub caps for women: The Poppy (the most versatile of all caps), the Pony (best for long hair and ponytails), and the Pixie (perfect for short hairstyles). We also have men’s scrub caps available in both solids and patterns! The scrub cap world is definitely your oyster! It’s time to go exploring.

So there you have it, friends! That’s how Blue Sky Co. all began. What started with a simple scrub cap sewn from scrap fabric has blossomed into a successful line of medical wear! We’re so excited to share our collection with you, so be sure to log online today to our website, view our stunning medical scrubs, and find your favorite item!