Complete The Perfect Scrubs Outfit

Complete The Perfect Scrubs Outfit

Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we’re all about providing comfort and a modern, stylish look to medical professionals. You may already have a comfy set of scrubs that you wear to work, maybe even luxurious Blue Sky Scrubs! But for the ultimate look of professionalism, you need a lab coat. Let’s take a close look at our Preston and Bradford lab coats, and help you decide which one you can use to complete your perfect medical outfit.

Bradford Lab Coat

This 100% cotton lab coat is super soft to the touch, and it's infused with powerful protection technology that repels and releases stains, keeping any stains on your coat from becoming permanent. The Bradford lab coat is all white for a simple, sophisticated look that’s sure to make a lasting impression. We promise that when you put on the Bradford, you’ll fall in love with the way it feels, and how great you look in it!

Preston Lab Coat

Another 100% cotton lab coat, the Preston has a gorgeous light grey trim that makes it stand out next to other, all white lab coats. This lab coat also has plenty of pocket space, allowing you to carry around everything you need throughout your work shift. With one chest pocket and two large utility pockets, you won’t be running out of space any time soon. We know you’ll love this lab coat as soon as you put it on!

More From Blue Sky

When you shop for medical apparel with Blue Sky Scrubs, you know that you’ll be getting the highest quality scrubs and accessories available! That’s because we use only the finest scrub fabrics with special qualities like special protection technology and water resistance! To check it all out for yourself, just visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website and browse through our whole scrubs collection.