Complete Your Scrub Outfit With One Of These Stylish Vests

Complete Your Scrub Outfit With One Of These Stylish Vests

We know how demanding your job as a medical professional can be. It’s extremely important for medical professionals to stay comfortable while they work, and that’s what Blue Sky Scrubs is here for! Today, we’re going to take a look at three soft, comfortable and flattering women’s vests that can make a great companion to any pair of scrubs you own.

Parker Softshell Vest

We’ve taken our most popular women’s jackets, the Bailey, and adapted it into a stylish vest. If you’ve ever seen the Bailey or purchased it for yourself, you’re sure to love this super-flattering, ultra-functional vest version of the Bailey jacket. It’s buttery soft and the perfect weight for those chilly hospital days. It has a right chest pocket with a zipper, as well as 2 outer and 2 inner pockets, making it great for storage!

Sawyer Vest

Next up is one of our newer scrub vests, the Sawyer. This cozy vest is sure to impress your co-workers with how stylish it looks on top of a pair of Blue Sky Scrubs. This fleece-lined vest is perfect for a hectic day at work or even a day spent hiking outdoors. It has a zippered utility chest pocket and two side pockets perfect for warming your hands on a chilly day. It's available in three unique colors that are designed to match great with medical scrubs; light heather gray, galactic heather blue and charcoal heather gray.

Kensington Softshell Vest

Next up is the women’s scrub vest that we’ve kept around the longest, the Kensington Softshell Vest. You’ll see right away why this vest has been around so long. This fleece-lined vest will keep you warm to the core, and it's perfectly stretchy to allow for easy movement when you’re in a hectic work environment, or on the move outside of work! This one has a wide array of color options with black, navy blue, eggplant, and cream. To check out the Kensington, Parker or Sawyer vests today, or any of the other scrubs and accessory items we have available, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.