Conveniently Customize Your Scrubs Through Blue Sky Co.

Conveniently Customize Your Scrubs Through Blue Sky Co.

So you’re ready to refresh your wardrobe with a brand new set of medical scrubs! But what if they don’t fit correctly, or what if you prefer having extra pockets? There’s a simple solution for these concerns, and it’s called customization. At Blue Sky Co., we allow you to easily and conveniently customize your medical scrubs so that they suit you perfectly! Read further to discover all of the ways we can help you look your best!

Customize Your Scrub Tops

When it comes to customizing your scrub tops, you can change the style (Classic Shelby scrubs, Sullivan Slim scrubs, etc) and color. If you need a larger size, that’s not a problem either; sizes range from XXS to 3XL. Not to mention, you can change the length of the top. You’ll have plenty of space to move around freely as you go about your shift- we’ll make sure of it!

Stitching and pocket placement can also be customized! You can choose between Shelby fine white stitching, or simple stitching. And you can choose between one chest pocket, or up to three pockets- just in case you need some extra space for your things!

Customize Your Scrub Bottoms

For scrub bottoms, we offer customization for collection and sizing (sizes also range from XXS to 3XL, like the tops). We also encourage you to change the color of your scrub bottoms, and choose which type of stitching you’d like. You can also alter the inseam length, changing the size from Petite to taller legs, at 36 inches.

If you have any questions or concerns, there’s a comment box so that we can help you however we can! Don’t hesitate to ask for further alterations; Blue Sky Co. is always here to help you with your scrub order!