Different Ways to Accessorize Your Work Wardrobe

Different Ways to Accessorize Your Work Wardrobe

We’re always looking for new ways to accessorize your medical wardrobe. Aren’t you? Well hop on board, and we’ll show you how to spruce up that outfit in a sinch! It’s really easy, actually; you may just need a few key items… Here are some of our ideas!

Add on a Jacket or Vest

When was the last time you replaced your jacket? Fall is right around the corner, if not here already (for some who like to start early). To accessorize your scrub uniform, why not try on a comfy vest or jacket? It may be chilly at work anyway, so even if it’s not cold outside, these vests can sure come in handy!

Layer Your Scrubs With Our Baselayers

If you want to spice up your scrubs, baselayers are definitely the way to go. Who likes to color coordinate? Try on a slate grey baselayer with a set of navy scrubs; you’ll look professional and ready to get to work- in a stylish manner! These baselayers are available for both men and women, and are as comfortable as ever!

Try Out a Patterned Scrub Cap

Time to go shopping! Our favorite way to add on to your uniform is by choosing a beautifully patterned scrub cap. We have dozens available at Blue Sky Co.. Just find which cap suits you best (the Poppy, Pixie, or Pony) and find a pattern you love!

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re excited that you’ve chosen to explore our collection! Here, you’ll find so much more than just medical scrubs (although, those are pretty great... ). You’ll find the accessories listed above, as well as scarves, lab coats, lanyards, and more! Just go right ahead; log online today, take a look around, and fall in love with our selection!