Dress for Success: Accessorize Your Medical Scrubs

Dress for Success: Accessorize Your Medical Scrubs

In terms of style and variation, we’ve come a long way since medical scrub uniforms were first invented, wouldn’t you say? In contrast to the traditional solid white scrubs that first outfitted our doctors and nurses, today’s scrubs are made in several different colors, patterns, and styles. Furthermore, we accessorize our scrub uniforms for another touch of personalization! Refresh your medical uniform with a few accessories, and see how much you love your new style.


Undershirts work really well for keeping you a bit warmer on the job, and they also add a different touch to your scrub outfit. However, if you don’t prefer to wear multiple layers of clothing (like so many of us in these warmer climates), you can try wearing sleeves! Sleeves cover just your arms, so there’s not an actual layer of fabric underneath your scrub top. Look cool, stay cool, be cool.


Scrub caps are necessary in some situations, but even when optional, they’re the perfect asset to your medical uniform. The best part is that no matter how long, thick, or styled your hair is, there’s a scrub hat that will accommodate you flawlessly.


Another accessory to consider, one which we often forget about, is a lanyard! A decorative, colorful lanyard or name badge is a great way to not only better keep up with your keys and tags, but also to spruce up your scrubs.

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