Enjoy a Summer of Classic Shelby Scrubs

Enjoy a Summer of Classic Shelby Scrubs

Are you looking to update your wardrobe with the world’s softest, finest medical attire? Or do you need to replace that pair of scrubs you recently retired? Either way, Blue Sky Co. has exactly what you need. Our Classic Shelby scrubs were designed with you in mind- and you’ll love their fit, their style, and most of all, how comfortable yet professional they are! So dive right into a summer of Classic Shelby scrubs from Blue Sky Co.!

The Perks of Wearing Shelby Scrubs

There are more perks to wearing our line of medical attire than just looking downright gorgeous. These scrubs were made from the finest fabrics around the world, and were designed to fit you perfectly. If they don’t fit exactly to your liking, we offer the option to customize them until they do! At the end of the (shopping) day, we want you to look great, and feel professional- yet comfortable. Here are the perks to wearing Shelby scrubs:

Perk #1: They’re Wrinkle and Fade-Resistant

That’s right, these scrubs were made to repel wrinkles and for their colors to last longer and stay vibrant! They’ll look beautiful after wear, after wear, after wear!

Perk #2: They’re Relaxing

Shelby scrubs are designed with a relaxed fit, and have slits at the sides to help you move around easily. You’ll be comfortable all day- no matter how long and tiring your shift is.

Perk #3: They’re Available in Many Colors

From Marisol Gold to Aquamarine, these scrubs are available in many bright colors, as well as professional blues and blacks. No matter what your dress code requires of you, you’ll be able to meet its standards.

If you’re impressed, visit our website today! Beyond Shelby scrubs, we also have our Grey Label Collection, and many accessories including scrub hats made for all hairstyles, lab coats that are sleek and professional, and men’s scrubs, too!