Expanding on Medleisure Fabric

Expanding on Medleisure Fabric

So, what exactly is Blue Sky Co.’s medlesiure fabric? Well, simply put, it’s a cross between scrubwear and athletic wear! It’s super comfortable, yet still durable and long lasting. The fabrics are so soft and stretchy, and you can find it in some pieces of our collection, like our Luna Scrub Leggings for example. We’re excited for you to try it out! But first let’s take a look at a few benefits to medleisure fabric.

It’s Soft

Medleisure fabric is soft, and you’ll feel it right away! You may never want to escape these scrubs again, which makes them perfect for a long day at work, right? You’re bound to stay comfy and cool all shift long. We bet you can’t wait to try these scrubs on!

It’s Stretchy

Secondly, medleisure fabric is also stretchy and movable, so you can move about your shift with absolute ease. If you need to bend over, twist, turn a corner, it won’t be an issue. Your clothing will not stop you! Finally, scrubs that move and bend. We know you’ve been waiting for this for long enough.

It’s Comfortable

And of course, if it’s soft and stretchy, you can bet it’s comfortable. You’ll love wearing these fabrics and you’ll likely not want to take them off after your shift. But alas, everything must be laundered! Don’t be shy; wear your Luna Scrub Leggings on the weekend. You know you want to!

Once you’ve fallen in love with our infamous medleisure fabric, head on over to Blue Sky Co. and find the perfect leggings, or trouser pants, or scrubs! We have tons to show off to you. All you have to do is explore! So head on over, fall in love with our collection, and place your order of medleisure scrubs today!