Featuring Our Bradford and Preston Lab Coats

Featuring Our Bradford and Preston Lab Coats

Maybe it’s time to replace your lab coat! Or maybe you’re in search of a spare coat, just for rainy days. It’s always best to keep a spare. Whatever your reasoning may be for purchasing a new coat, we’d like to show off ours. Blue Sky Co. has two beautiful lab coats: the Preston coat, and the Bradford. Let’s explore both of these coats and see which one you’d prefer! Or who knows? Maybe you’ll like both.

The Bradford

This coat has it all. It has plenty of pocket space, technology that repels and releases stains, and style that is out of this world! You’ll be ready to hit the hallways in no time, sporting this coat. It’s also super comfortable and soft; it’s made out of 100% cotton twill! And have we mentioned pocket space? There’s plenty of it. Your new coat will have one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets. We know you’ll love it.

The Preston

Just like the Bradford, the Preston coat is everything you need out of a lab coat and more. It’s just like Bradford coat, with its 100% cotton twill fabrics, plenty of pocket space, european-inspired white collar, and its protection Technology. But there’s one difference; there’s a light grey trim to really make this coat stand out! So if that’s your thing, we definitely suggest slipping into the Preston lab coat by Blue Sky Co.!

We hope you’ve fallen in love with our lab coats, as we’re so proud of them! They’re quality coats, made out of the world’s finest fabrics, and sewn to suit your needs. We’d love for you to log online to our website and view the rest of our collection of medical scrubs and scrub accessories! So go ahead; take the plunge!