Finding a Flawless Fit for Medical Scrubs

Finding a Flawless Fit for Medical Scrubs

When your wearing ill fitting scrubs, it seems like either you’re catching your pants from slipping down all day long, or your top is always a little bit too low-cut, and you’re wearing undershirts just to supplement the empty space. Does this ring a bell? It can be both uncomfortable and frustrating, so perhaps it’s time to throw out those terribly fitting scrubs, and upgrade to Blue Sky Scrubs. When you order from Blue Sky Co., you’ll never run into this issue. This is in part because our medical attire is made so well, but also because we provide our customers with the option to customize their scrubs.

Flawless Shelby Scrubs

Shelby scrubs are superior from other scrubs not only in the way they fit, but also in how they’re made. Created to be wrinkle and fade-resistant, these scrubs are a statement piece: they say “my scrubs fit me flawlessly, and last longer, too!”

Wearing these scrubs, you’ll find a relaxed fit, side slits at your hip for easy movement, and adequate pocket space in both the tops and bottoms to hold all of your daily essentials. What’s more, they come in many bright, vibrant shades so you’ll look like the cool kid on the block!

Flawless David & Sullivan Scrubs

David scrubs fit relaxed, and slim down at the waist for a more refined look. Ceil blue, Navy, Slate Grey, Black, whichever color you choose, you’ll look sharp and professional.

Sullivan slim scrubs will modernize your wardrobe with a slim fit and a straight-leg pant. You’ve been waiting for these scrubs for their enhanced fit, and sleek look!


As promised above, Blue Sky Co. offers customization for both women and men. You’re able to adjust aspects of your uniform such as collection, color, sizing, stitching, and more. Just visit our customization pages and discover your options are limitless!