Finding Pocket Space With Blue Sky Scrubs

Finding Pocket Space With Blue Sky Scrubs

Working in the medical industry, a lot of people find themselves in scrubs that don’t quite have what they’re looking for. That’s what Blue Sky scrubs are here for, to provide the better, more comfortable and more practical scrubs. One thing we hear a lot about is scrubs that just don’t have enough pocket space for your day to day tasks at work! Here are some ways that Blue Sky can help you find the pocket space you need.

Lab Coats

Our Preston and Bradford lab coats were designed for a professional look, a comfortable feel and, of course, more pocket space. We promise you’ll be pleased with our lab coats and with the sizeable extra pockets they offer.


With the winter here, adding additional layers under and over your scrubs is a great way to stay warm! It’s also a great way to get more pocket space for everything you’ll need to carry during work hours- and, if you work in a chilly building, layering may be the perfect solution for both pocket space and comfort.

Try Out The Cargo Scrubs

If you’re someone who needs the absolute highest number of pockets you can get, the cargo scrubs are going to be perfect for you. With a whopping total of 13 pockets available, you’ll never run out of room for your belongings. Phone, wallet, jewelry or anything else you might need throughout the day will fit perfectly and comfortably in the pockets of our special cargo scrubs. Check out our perfect scrubs cap for your scrub outfit. 

Here at Blue Sky Co., we do a lot more than bring you scrubs with ample pocket space. We also have jackets, vests, scarves, hats and much more! To take a look at our wide selection of popular scrubwear, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.