Great Men's Baselayers To Wear Under Scrubs

Great Men's Baselayers To Wear Under Scrubs

Recently on the Blue Sky Scrubs blog, we discussed how women medical professionals can stay warm and comfy with Blue Sky baselayers under their scrubs. But we don’t just have baselayers for women, we’ve also got several amazing baselayer options for men! If you want to stay warm in your chilly hospital, but don’t want to wear anything outside of your scrubs, these baselayers are the perfect solution. Here’s a couple great options for men!

The Hayden

The Hayden Baselayer is great for wearing at work, or when you’re working out at home, or at the gym! The stretchy, sweat-wicking, moisture-managing fabrics make this a great workout companion. The Hayden also has specialty seam construction that’s guaranteed to keep you comfortable, and it just looks fantastic!

The Hudson Long Sleeved

This cozy undershirt makes a great base layer under any set of scrubs, and it’ll even look great if you just wear it solo, on or off the clock. In fact, it's so ridiculously comfortable that we bet you’ll wear it outside of work plenty of times. For serious comfort, this tee pairs great with the David Scrub Pants. It comes in three stylish colors to fit your unique preferences; Charcoal, Light Grey or Navy Blue. It's made with 50% polyester, so it's guaranteed to be super stretchy and soft!

More Ways To Keep Warm

Don’t forget that we have a lot more options when it comes to keeping you warm and comfortable at work. For men, check out the Summit Softshell Jacket, or maybe the Aspen Stretch Hybrid jacket for something more lightweight. If you don’t want to deal with jacket sleeves, check out the Highland Stretch Vest. We’ve designed all kinds of jackets, vests, scarves, hoodies and more that you can check out now by visiting the Blue Sky website.