How Should You Wear Your Scrubs, Tucked Or Untucked?

How Should You Wear Your Scrubs, Tucked Or Untucked?

While walking through the halls of a hospital or similar medical facility, you can see nurses and doctors wearing their scrubs in slightly different ways. Some may tuck in their scrub top, while others leave them untucked. If you’re a new medical professional or just starting to experiment with how you style your scrubs, you might wonder what goes behind that decision. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons medical professionals decide to wear their scrubs one way or another, so we can help you decide which way suits you best!


Wearing scrubs that keep you comfortable is key to helping you get through your day in the medical scrub workplace. Some scrub tops are designed to be tucked in, while others aren't, so it will depend on what kind of scrub top you’re wearing. Those who wear tucked scrubs say it can be more comfortable because the scrub top doesn’t ride up. But those who wear them untucked feel that it's less restrictive and allows them to move around more comfortably. Experiment with both and see what feels good for you!


You also have to keep in mind the function you want your scrubs to serve, and whether you’ll benefit more from tucked or untucked. For example, doctor’s usually wear scrubs tucked in, while nurses usually keep them untucked. One reason for this is because doctor’s usually keep a beeper on their pants that can only be worn if the scrubs are tucked in. While working in the OR, most of the time you’ll have scrubs tucked in to avoid loose scrubs sweeping against any surfaces. But if you need to keep several things in your pockets that you’ll need easy access to, it might be better not to tuck in your scrubs. So keep in mind what you’ll be doing throughout the day to inform how to wear your scrubs.


Next, keep in mind what style suits your figure better. A tucked scrub top may look more professional, but an untucked scrub will be more forgiving in the waistline. To achieve the best style in your scrubs, it's a good idea to start with high quality, luxurious scrubs outfit, like the ones we have available here on the Blue Sky Scrubs website!