How To Best Care for Your Blue Sky Scrubs

How To Best Care for Your Blue Sky Scrubs

It makes total sense that once you invest in a luxe lab coat from Blue Sky Co., that you want to care for it a best as possible so that it lasts you as long as possible. Today we have the best tips for you to help you better care for lab coat- just keep on reading!

For Blue Sky Coats:

For coats from Blue Sky Co., follow the washing instructions carefully for best results. You can wash your coats in the machine, just use the gentle cycle. And of course tumble dry your lab coats on the lowest setting.

General Lab Coat Tips:

Clean up stains immediately. This is your best bet for removing them! Accidents are unavoidable, but we can definitely remove stains from our lab coats. The most common of these stains is likely blood; keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide around, it works like a charm!

Wash on the Regular. Washing your scrubs on a routine basis will help clean off stains like sweat- eek!

Before drying, check for stains. Don’t just toss your lab coat in the dryer! Check it for remaining stains first. Drying the coat with the stain will only make it set in further- we certainly don’t want that! If the stain is still there, apply an enzymatic cleaner or bit of detergent, and wash your lab coat again.

Dry on the lowest setting. Drying your lab coat on a low setting and even removing it while it’s still damp will help reduce wrinkles. Using a hot iron keeps it wrinkle free, crisp, and looking professional.

There we have it: a few great tips for keeping our lab coats looking bright and shiny! Don’t let that white fade- keep your lab coat clean and free of stains! And don’t forget to always always always check its label for washing instructions!