How To Keep Your Scrubs Fresh After A Long Shift

How To Keep Your Scrubs Fresh After A Long Shift

Those who work in the medical industry sacrifice their time and effort to help others, and for that we greatly appreciate what you do! Your hard work shows, and unfortunately it shows on your scrubs sometimes too. But here at Blue Sky, we want to make sure you stay clean and fresh for as long as you can, that’s why we infuse our scrubs with special odor resistant scrubs technology! That means our scrubs aren’t just the most comfortable and the most stylish, but they’re also great for keeping you smelling fresh and clean!

How To Keep Bad Odors Away

You might think it's impossible to keep your scrubs from smelling bad after a long shift, but hear us out! Every time we make scrubs at Blue Sky, we infuse the fabric with special odor resistant technology that effectively repels and releases all stains and odors, keeping your scrubs smelling better, looking better and feeling cleaner for much longer! You can even work up a sweat in these scrubs, and they’ll still repel and release, making them an excellent choice not just for when you’re at work, but also for working out at the gym! For a great example of our powerful odor resistant technology in action, check out our Technical Scrubs.

Blue Sky Technical Scrubs

The moment you try on these scrubs you’ll understand the appeal. The Technical Scrubs give you an extra stretch to help you stay active, and they’re available for both men and women! Their stretch comes from the fabric, made of a blend of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, making a perfect blend of medical wear and activewear. And of course, they make use of our special odor resistant technology to keep you looking fresh and smelling fresh all day long.

We know you’ll love these scrubs, as well as all the others we have available. To see our entire collection for yourself, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.