How To Repurpose Your Old Medical Scrubs

How To Repurpose Your Old Medical Scrubs

If you’ve recently purchased some brand new super-comfy and luxurious Blue Sky scrubs, why do you need to wear those faded old fabrics to work still? Instead, we’ve come up with a helpful list of ideas for what you can do with those old scrubs. Let’s dive in to these five practical uses:

Washing The Car

When you’re giving your car a much-needed wash, why bother getting soap and water all over your good clothes when you’ve got those old scrubs just lying around? Wear your old scrubs instead and not even the car grease will bother you!

Cleaning Your Home

If you can wear your old scrubs when you’re washing the car, why not do the same for your home? This is especially a good idea if you’ll be working with any heavy chemicals like bleach. You can keep those pesky stains off your good clothes and use your scrubs instead.

Bathing A Pet

If you’ve ever given your pet a bath before, you know that they can be messy and splash water all over the place, including getting muddy water on your good clothes, especially if you’re bathing a dog that goes outside. Why risk getting your good clothes dirty when you’ve got those old scrubs to wear?


This one is a real messy job! Gardening can get dirt all over you, and we know you don’t want that on your regular clothes. Plus, we know that if you put on old Blue Sky scrubs, they’ll be breathable enough to wear outside.

Mowing The Lawn

Last but not least-mowing the lawn. It's a surefire way to end up with grass stains on your pants that are nearly impossible to get rid of. But with your old scrubs, you shouldn't have a thing to worry about. Who cares if they get grass stains on them anyway?

We hope this list has been helpful. If you haven’t gotten new scrubs from Blue Sky, what are you waiting for? Come see our full collection today on the Blue Sky Co. website.