How to Spot Treat Your Scrubs on the Go

How to Spot Treat Your Scrubs on the Go

If you work in the medical industry, it’s safe to say that your days are filled with time consuming tasks, procedures, and maybe even exhaustion. You’re constantly on the go, so when you get up from lunch and find that you’ve dripped mustard down your scrubs, you may not have a lot of time to remove the stain before your next task. However, with a few quick tips, we can help you learn how to tackle these stains on the go!

# 1: Carry a Stain Stick in Your Pockets

You’re probably thinking, “well, duh,” but carrying a stain stick is really helpful. And if you’re wearing Blue Sky scrubs, we know you have enough pocket space to hold one! If you’re talented enough, you could probably apply the stain remover while you’re walking- consider that a challenge!

# 2: Hydrogen Peroxide

Most of the stains you encounter on your shift are going to be blood stains. If you’ve already gone through your spare pair of scrubs for the day, then we suggest utilizing hydrogen peroxide to remove the blood. Just pour the peroxide onto a wet stain, let it sit, and rinse it with cool water! The stain should come right out… but you might have to wear a damp scrub top or bottom for a little while.

# 3: Switch Out Your Scrubs

Always keep an extra set of scrubs (or two, or three) with you at work. This is the easiest solution to a stained scrub uniform! No matter what the stain is, just shove your dirty scrubs into a bag, change into a fresh set, and carry on!

Blue Sky Co. makes medical attire that is not only wrinkle and fade-resistant, but we also do our best to make your day easier by providing you with scrubs that repel stains. View our vibrant, refreshing collection of medical scrubs online today!