How to Treat Your Scrubs

How to Treat Your Scrubs

When you first purchase a pair of scrubs, there are a few things you can do to help ensure they last you a long time! Let’s talk about how to treat your scrubs. We’ll go over five guidelines for you to follow, and if you do, you should be good to go! So sit back, but stay tuned.

Start With a Pre-Wash

When you first receive your scrubs, what’s the first thing you do? Start with a pre-wash! Add extra water to the load so that your scrubs have plenty of space to move around and water to rinse with, and ½ C of white vinegar to help sanitize them. You’ll be good to go!

Avoid Using the Dryer

After your scrubs have been washed, avoid putting them into the dryer! We know- using the dryer is extremely convenient especially when you’re constantly pressed for time! But it can cause abrasion, fading fabrics, and shrinkage in some cases (Blue Sky scrubs don’t shrink).

Line Dry Your Scrubs

So instead of using the dryer, try line drying your scrubs! You’ll thank yourself in the long run, trust us. You can even hang a clothesline on the balcony of an apartment! You can line dry scrubs anywhere!

Save Your Scrubs for Work

Try only wearing your scrubs at work. We know and often advertise that Blue Sky scrubs are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them outside of work, but doing this will help them to last longer!

Spot Treat Stains

It never hurts to learn the ropes of spot treating stains! Either keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your locker (it does wonders for removing blood stains) or a stain removal stick for emergency situations!

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