How Your Shoes Can Effect Your Shift

How Your Shoes Can Effect Your Shift

Shoes can have a surprisingly extensive effect on our body, even more so when we wear them frequently. That’s why it’s so important to find the right shoes for your feet as a nurse or other medical professional. Don’t strain your feet, knees, legs, or back by settling on your shoes, look for a few key factors when buying new work shoes and you just might find your body happier and healthier.

First Things First: Look for Support

As medical professionals, you walk hundreds and hundreds of feet every day. Pacing the halls, being with different patients, even just walking in and out of work- the most important thing to look for in shoes (for this reason) is support. A shoe without support will hurt your feet and your body in the long run, dragging you down and causing strain throughout your muscles. Find good support and you won’t be disappointed!

How Heavy Are Your Shoes?

The weight of your shoes matters, believe it or not. A lighter weight shoe isn’t always necessarily better, although if you can find a lightweight shoe that has adequate support- you’re in luck! Most of the time, though, you’ll find a shoe that’s somewhere in between; not too light, not too heavy. But, here’s the thing. Lean away from heavy shoes- the heavier the shoe, the more weight you have to lug around throughout your shift.

Lastly, Don’t Forget About Protecting Your Feet

Just as the bottom of the shoe is important, so is the upside. If the shoe is too soft, you could risk hurting your feet if something were to fall or drop. We recommend take an extra precaution to find a shoe with a little thicker upside around the toes.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for finding your new pair of nursing shoes, if you’re looking for an affordable, luxurious pair of medical scrubs to go with them, head on over to our website!