It's Time to Upgrade Your Scrub Wardrobe

It's Time to Upgrade Your Scrub Wardrobe

Are you ready to upgrade your medical scrub wardrobe to something bigger, brighter, and better? We are! Log onto Blue Sky Scrubs today to view our entire collection of medical scrubwear and hopefully- hopefully you fall in love with our scrubs, just like we did. We have no doubt that you will once you see what we have to offer. Let’s take a look at a few styles, just to take a peek at what there is!

Classic David and Shelby Scrubs

These scrubs make great staples for your wardrobe. They’re where this all began, really. They were the very first scrubs that Shelby created. They fit relaxed, but are tailored in all the right places. Our Classic Shelby scrubs feature our signature white designer stitching that just looks flawless. If you’re looking to start out with scrubwear, we suggest starting here, with our Shelby and David scrubs.

Grey Label Petite Scrubs

If you’re looking for more of a petite fit, Grey Label scrubs are for you! They’re simple, classic, modern, and tailored just for you. They’re available in a wide array of colors (much like our Shelby scrubs), and have side slits at the hips for easy movement. We know there’s no stopping you at work, and these scrubs surely won’t slow you down!

Technical Scrubs

Finally, we have our Technical scrubs for both men and women. Boy do they stand out in the crowd! This is where athleisure meets medleisure. This is where scrubs become wearable on the weekends. This is where we fall in love! These scrubs are lightweight, breathable, and very much so movable! You’ll fall in love with them right away.

There’s so much to see here at Blue Sky Co.! Just log onto our website today to view the rest of our spectacular collection of medical scrubwear and scrub accessories!