Keep Scrubs in Optimal Condition with These 4 Tips

Keep Scrubs in Optimal Condition with These 4 Tips

Medical scrubs can be expensive at times, and of course they’re valuable to us because of their fit, comfort, and style. Keeping them in their finest condition is definitely a priority, and it’s not as difficult as you may think! Just follow these few guidelines and you’ll be surprised at how long your medical scrubs last, and of course- how long they compliment you and your style.

First Things First: Follow Washing Instructions

That label on your scrubs is on there for a reason! When laundering your medical uniform, make sure you’re looking out for warnings and other important washing instructions. Cold water, or warm? Use the dryer, or hang to dry? These are important factors to consider when it comes to keeping your scrubs in their best condition.

Only Wear Scrubs at Work

Try to limit your scrub useage to work, as to not wear them out, so to speak! Extra wear and tear on your scrubs will wear them down more quickly, and you want to have them around for many shifts to come! When you go home, transfer them in a closed ziploc bag or wet bag, for extra protection.

Pre-Wash After Purchasing

When you purchase new scrub sets, put them through the washer before wearing them. This will help colors set in, and keep them looking vibrant for a longer amount of time. You can add half a cup of white vinegar to help sanitize them, as well.

Utilize Your Hot Iron

Yes, it’s an annoying chore, but ironing your scrubs helps them stay in optimal condition- and you’ll also look oh so professional in pressed scrubs. Just trust us- give it a try!

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